jueves, 31 de enero de 2019

Venezuela Crisis After 20 Years of Socialism

Figure 1. Charts that represent the current state of the Venezuela economy such as Inflation, Exchange rate and GDP.  Also shown are the migration activities and the international support to the Interim President Juan Gualdo as well as the current president of the socialist regime Nicolas Maduro.

The political crisis in Venezuela, after 20 years of socialism, resulted from rising unemployment, lack of medical services, food shortages as well as inflationary pressures which can’t be controlled. It also generated the largest exodus, migration or humanitarian crisis registered in the western world as the people try to look for better places to survive the crisis.

The National Assembly declared the president of the institution Juan Gualdo, as the Interim president to restore democracy and call for new elections. Last year’s election of socialist President Nicolas Maduro was not recognized by the opposition and many countries around the world as it was considered a fraudulent election.

Venezuelans are protesting and trying to get control of their country and the resources in order to redirect the country to a political system that will work to regain all the rights lost during the 20 years of socialism.

It’s shocking to see how a country with so much natural resources and great people, could be diving into a precipitous decline due to the imposition of a social political structure (Source: https://brazil.timesofnews.com/venezuela-crisis-in-seven-charts-2.html).